Andrew Bulloch

Andrew Bulloch
Sales Representative

Andrew Bulloch has used his local expertise and unparalleled marketing program to drive some of the largest real estate sales on the lakes. He has partnered with Canada’s #1 Real Estate Company to provide his clients with global exposure from the industry’s top brands. Harvey Kalles Real Estate has been the industry leader since 1957 and has annual sales of more than $2.164 billion. It’s a name you can trust.

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"We have moved 10 times, purchasing and selling 20 times and have never had as helpful a real estate agent as Andrew. His attentiveness - not only to the transaction itself, but also to numerous details of orienting us to the home and community exemplified a conscientiousness and work ethic we've never experienced previously. Andrew will do his utmost for you. " - Kind regards (from Seoul)

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Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage

For over 50 years, Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage has been dedicated to offering professional service to all of our customers. We uphold a standard of excellence and service unparalleled in today’s ever-changing real estate industry. Our dedicated real estate professionals work together to form a powerful and committed sales force.


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  • Canada Day in Muskoka

    Canada Day in Muskoka, Eh!

    Here’s a roundup of all that’s going on in Muskoka / Lake Of Bays on Canada Day, take a cruise on the boat from your luxury waterfront cottage in Muskoka and enjoy the festivities!
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  • 84b079_51ecebeb06fb4dc582023741ccb75e7d

    Preparing Your Muskoka / Lake Of Bays Cottage To Sell

    In Muskoka real estate where there are often more sellers than buyers, it’s only common sense to prepare your cottage to look its very best, giving you an edge over a market full of prime cottage spots in Muskoka / Lake Of Bays.
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  • bright ideas

    Renting The Cottage: A Few Bright Ideas

    You may be burning out bulbs and paying more for electricity then you should due to incorrect bulbs being used and cottage renters are less concerned about saving you energy. I know it seems easier to just go to any store and pick up some cheap bulbs, but in the long run, you are losing money doing this.
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  • Muskoka is the New Hamptons

    Muskoka Is The New Hamptons

    With Muskoka and Lake Of Bays scenic lakes and Canadian Shield it has become the luxury cottage destination for the elite.
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  • how old is a Muskoka cottage

    Dating Cottages: Figuring Out How Old The Cottage Really Is?

    One of the most frequently asked questions by a cottage buyer is, “How can I determine the age of the cottage I would like to purchase?” Unfortunately, dating cottages is one of the more difficult tasks a homebuyer has.
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  • Legal Considerations at a Muskoka Cottage

    Key Legal Considerations in Purchasing or Using Your Muskoka / Lake Of Bays Cottage Property

    The arrival of summertime means it is cottage season in Muskoka / Lake Of Bays. We can all imagine the picturesque Lake Of Bays. cottage with pristine water, crisp air, plenty of sunshine, surrounded by friends and family. Whether you own or dream of owning a cottage in Muskoka, it is important to understand the unique characteristics of owning rural properties.
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  • Lightning strikes in Muskoka

    When weather strikes in Muskoka – the lights go out.

    Are you prepared for blackouts? Due to increasing demand for energy, during the summer months we are more likely to experience black-outs, and we know in Muskoka / Lake Of Bays it’s pretty normal to lose power at your cottage. While most of these are for brief periods of time, there are times where it […]
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  • Cottage in Muskoka Ceiling Fan

    Keep your Energy Costs Down – Save Your Cash for Muskoka Waterfront Toys.

    Keep your cool with energy costs – you want that luxury boat to cruise the lakes of Muskoka / Lake Of Bays. One way too have all the toys is to make sure your energy costs stay down. Heating and cooling your Muskoka / Lake Of Bays cottage accounts for about 60% of your energy costs! We have come up with some tips and tricks to help you keep your costs down so you don’t lose your cool.
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  • image5

    Lighting For Your Home Or Cottage : Selecting The Best Colour Lamp

    Life on the waterfront in Muskoka / Lake Of Bays is all about the colours. Choosing the right view is just as important as choosing the right colour of light inside your Muskoka / Lake Of Bays luxury cottage. It’s all about the blub!
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  • Muskoka Bathroom Lighting

    Lighting For Your Home Or Cottage : Bathroom Lighting

    As with any other room in a cottage or home in Muskoka / Lake Of Bays, it’s best to first determine where you need light, and how much light you will need in each area. Before changing or adding light fixtures, always determine where and what type of light is needed. Then look for fixtures […]
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  • Choosing Art for your cottage

    Selecting Art For Your Lake Of Bays Cottage

    Everyone reading this has, in their lifetime, seen more visual imagery in films, photographs, books and magazines than all the generations before us combined. As a result, we are extraordinarily visually literate, but don’t give ourselves credit for it.
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  • image2

    Location, Location – Downtown Huntsville is the place to be.

    If you are looking for the Muskoka life without the bugs, clearing trees, shovelling a long, long driveway and want to be in walking distance to comfy cottage country shops and arts / music events – downtown Huntsville is the place to buy.
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  • dara howell

    Did you know Muskoka / Lake Of Bays is home to a golden girl?

    Did you know Muskoka / Lake Of Bays is home to a golden girl? Its not always about the summer and boating. Muskoka / Lake Of Bays has some amazing winter activities. Buy close to Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area and you can meet our very own golden girl.
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  • Luxury Waterfront Cottage in Muskoka

    Luxury Cottages In Muskoka: Part 1 – It’s Not Just About Waterfront Toys

    Muskoka is known for its bigger then life cottages – breaches the concept of going to the ole’ cottage. These massive estates also bring forward the ultimate in comfort. No roughing it in Muskoka luxury waterfront cottages.
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  • little norway

    Muskoka History – “Little Norway”

    When thinking of Muskoka / Lake Of Bays very few people know that Muskoka has a very long history with Norway. Canadian and Norwegians fought side by side in war to defeat the Axis powers. The Muskoka Airport was used to train pilots at the time it was named “Little Norway”, read below about the history of this alliance.
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  • Ragged_Falls

    Waterfalls in Muskoka

    Muskoka and Lake Of Bays known for its amazing waterfront properties also boasts many incredible waterfalls, obviously the water has to flow from somewhere!
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