• Dear Prospective Homeowners

    It is our great pleasure to recommend Andrew Bulloch as a Real Estate Agent for any individual or family searching for the ideal cottage or home for their unique situation.
  • Tips for Staging Your Muskoka Home or Cottage for a Winter Sale

    Winter can be a fun and festive time for staging your home for a successful sale. In Muskoka activity is still high in the area with skiers, snowmobile enthusiasts, cross country skiiers descending on the region. Here’s a list of tips for preparing your home this season!
  • Creating Balance in Muskoka Design

    Muskoka cottage tastes and attitudes about design evolve from year to year, creating the perfect space in your cottage can sometimes feel like a never-ending process. Our client wanted to reinvigorate her cottage with an enduring sense of style. Here we explore how mixing traditional and contemporary elements can unlock a timeless aesthetic.
  • A Swiss Chalet in peaceful, cozy iconic Hidden Valley, Huntsville. – $329,000 CAD

    Swiss Chalet! This peaceful, cozy iconic Hidden Valley chalet sits on one of the best lots in the Valley, adding privacy and close proximity to the ski hill.
  • Looking to buy a cottage in Lake Of Bays? Andrew Bulloch can help! – Part 5

    Money makes the world go round, and a mortgage gives you the power to buy your dream Muskoka cottage or home. This isn’t the most fun step in buying a cottage or home, but it’s vital.
  • By Music Lovers, For Music Lovers: The 3rd Annual Toronto Urban Roots Fesitval

    The summer music season is now underway and the Greater Toronto Area continues to impress with a range of offerings that should satisfy most musical tastes. Want traditional jazz with marquee headliners?
  • A BRIGHT IDEA: LEDs are a great replacement for aging incandescent bulbs

    Lighting innovation is changing the way we perceive visual space and our surrounding environments, with Lake Of Bays cottages being completely transformed by the use of fixtures and lamps and their bulbs.
  • Looking to buy a cottage in Lake Of Bays? Andrew Bulloch can help! – Part 4

    Figure out how much you can afford. Before you start looking for your dream cottage or home in Muskoka, let’s find out how big you can dream. Knowing your true budget is the first and most important step in buying a home.
  • Get your fall fair fix across Muskoka!

    It’s been warm and humid to start September in Lake Of Bays and Muskoka, but fear not fall is coming. With fall comes fun times at fall fairs around Muskoka. Here’s a breakdown of fair dates and locations for that end of year visit to your Lake Of Bays cottage.
  • Looking to buy a cottage in Lake Of Bays? Andrew can help! – Part 3

    We reviewed in “Looking to buy a cottage in Lake Of Bays? -Part 2” your needs required of your new cottage or home in Lake Of Bays purchase. Part of the process of buying a new cottage or home also may require selling your previous residence. Let’s review how Andrew Bulloch can help with this stage.
  • Looking to buy a cottage in Lake Of Bays? Andrew can help! – Part 2

    Nowadays, there are many different types of cottage/home in Lake Of Bays to choose from. And there are pros and cons to each. Take a minute to reflect on your lifestyle and based on that, decide what best fits you. To help, we’ve broken down the most popular housing options here.
  • Muskoka and Toronto offer architectural history.

    Toronto and Muskoka differ in atmosphere, population – but they share one thing – deep architectural history. Most of Muskokas’ population came by train and then boat from Toronto back in the day. Here’s a piece about a building in Toronto we have all seen one time or another.
  • Lake Of Bays Paradise with tennis court and landscaped grounds that defy imagination.

    This Lake Of Bays cottage is incredible and totally custom with 6 bedrooms and 4.5 baths featuring, air conditioning, incredible kitchen and dining area and great room with panoramic views of indian Rock Point and long views across the lake.
  • Looking to buy a cottage in Lake Of Bays? Andrew can help!

    If you’re thinking of buying a cottage/home in Lake Of Bays, you’ve come to the right place. This web site can turn you into a house-hunting master. But before we jump right in, you have to make sure three things are ready: you, your bank account, and the real estate market.
  • Muskoka Fall Colours Tour and Shop for your Muskoka cottage.

    September and early October are prime-time to tour around Muskoka and take in the fall colours. Why not kill two birds with one stone and shop for your dream cottage or home in Huntsville Lake Of Bays at the same time.
  • Location, Location – Downtown Huntsville is the place to be.

    If you are looking for the Muskoka life without the bugs, clearing trees, shovelling a long, long driveway and want to be in walking distance to comfy cottage country shops and arts / music events – downtown Huntsville is the place to buy.
  • COLOURFUL MUSKOKA IN AND OUT: Adding colour to your interiors

    Fall is slowly getting closer, boats and water toys get put away – the cottage gets ready for winter, its good time to make some design changes in your Huntsville Lake Of Bays cottage. Muskoka is known for its amazing colours in the fall, you can bring some of that colour into your cottage. The fall is a great time to paint – humidity is down and your visitors are far less.
  • Sponsoring local athletes in their quest to be the best in their sport.

    Each year, Andrew Bulloch sponsors a promising local Muskoka athlete and their quest to be the best in their sport. Knowing the hard work and dedication that is required to succeed in sports, sponsorship is extremely important in helping an athlete get the equipment and support they require so they can focus on what they do best.
  • A Log Masterpiece with an outdoor TV? Only in Muskoka! Exclusive.

    Who doesn’t want a log masterpiece in the heart of Lake of Bays with a hot tub and a TV that comes out of the granite patio?!
  • Muskoka,has a rich and unique history, reaching back into the 1800’s

    Muskoka,has a rich and unique history, reaching back into the 1800’s. Muskoka is actually named afterMusquakie (William Yellowhead), one of the men who played an important role in both the settlement at Coldwater and in broader Anishinaabeg/British negotiations during the mid-nineteenth century.
  • Part 4: Selling your Lake Of Bays cottage or Lake Of Bays home? Andrew can help!

    When selling, it’s essential to have a lawyer handle all the various legal documents that change hands. Before you agree to a lawyer, make sure he or she is experienced in real estate, ask how they structure their fees, and get an estimate of all the legal costs you can expect.

    The Children’s Discovery Centre Comes to Toronto, this is a great end of summer trip for the kids when not living the life at your Lake Of Bays cottage. You can take advantage of the discovery centre through September after leaving your Muskoka cottage.
  • Laneway Living: Using Simple Lines and Minimal Adornment

    Urban living is taking a simple approach borrowed from the boat houses at cottages in Lake Of Bays and Muskoka. Simple lines are what we call Muskoka Modern at Andrew Bulloch -Harvey Kalles, Lake Of Bays / Muskoka.
  • Hand Made, Hand Played in Lake Of Bays, Muskoka

    When you buy a Lake Of Bays or Huntsville cottage – you want to experience everything the area has to offer, and that includes finding unique talents Lake Of Bays, Muskoka has to offer. Meet West Edge Guitars…
  • A Huntsville Dream – Fairy Lake, Waterfront in Muskoka

    Dreaming of the ideal spot that offers golf, boating, quick access to fine dining in Huntsville? Maybe that winter getaway for downhill skiing at one of the best ski clubs (Muskoka Ski Club at Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area) in northern and central ontario? Arrowhead, Algonquin Park, Deerhurst Resort, Mark O’Meara, you name it its all within a 5 to 15 minute car ride.
  • Part 3: Selling your Lake Of Bays cottage or Lake Of Bays cottage / home? Andrew can help!

    Break out the mop and the paintbrush. It’s time to give your Lake Of Bays cottage / home a mini-makeover. Here are all the little things you can do to attract the big offers.
  • Give Love, Give Back with Give Clothing in Lake Of Bays, Muskoka

    When you buy a Lake Of Bays or Huntsville cottage – you want to experience everything the area has to offer, and that includes finding services that you would normally use at home. Lake Of Bays, Muskoka is known for being the home of many talented artists, craftspeople, and other creative types, Muskoka also has a variety of amazing people offering products that are sustainable, Give Clothing is one these amazing companies.
  • Part 2: Selling your Lake Of Bays cottage or home? Andrew can help!

    Lots of people out there want to buy your Lake Of Bays cottage or home. The right asking price will attract attention and get you maximum return. With the help of a Andrew Bulloch you can set a fair market value on your Lake Of Bays cottage or home to get the most out of interested buyers.
  • Selling your cottage or home in Lake Of Bays? Andrew can help!

    Chances are, if you’ve lived in your Lake Of Bays cottage or home for more than a few years, you can likely turn a tidy profit. That’s great news. But sealing the deal requires more than just a handshake. You’ll have to consider if now’s a good time to sell? What’s the best way to get the word out? How do you get top dollar for your property? These are just some of the questions that Andrew Bulloch can help you with.
  • soapstones on main street in huntsville

    Cottage Country Soap Masters

    Soapstones tries eveyday to reconnect with what is so important to it’s business; the customers, their creativity, the beautiful Huntsville, Muskoka environment, and their joy in what they do each day.
  • LET THERE BE LIGHT: The key ingredients of a good lighting plan

    It’s not out of normal to buy a cottage in Huntsville / Lake Of Bays that has been passed down through generations and many lighting fixtures need to be replaced. It’s not just about if the fixture is out of date, it might just not meet your taste for that perfect cottage in Lake Of Bays atmosphere.
  • Paradise Found On Lake Of Bays

    You don’t have to look far to find paradise in Lake Of Bays, this is literally one of the very few AAA rated lots on the lake if not the best.
  • WHITE SPACE: The Reality of Designing with White

    We love the colour white for many reasons. Its first impression evokes ethereal images, sensuality and purity; an all-white room provides an unmatchable sense of equanimity. It’s cool, serene and takes a certain level of confidence to pull it off.
  • Yoga is hot in Muskoka

    When you buy a cottage in Lake Of Bays or Huntsville – you want to experience everything the area has to offer, and that includes finding services that you would normally use at home. Muskoka is known for being the home of many talented artists, craftspeople, and other creative types, Muskoka also has a variety of amazing people offering services in health and lifestyle, meet Julie Barnes.
  • From Derelict to Desirable: The Revitalization of the West Don Lands

    Huntsville and much of Muskoka benefited from the G8 with new roads, parks and Huntsville found itself with a state of the art arena aptly named the Canadian Summit Centre. Huntsville, Ontario saw the benefits of hosting a major event much like Toronto is now by hosting the Pan Am Games…
  • Home / Cottage Buyers’ Road Map Part 7 : Closing and Related Costs

    Closing costs are the legal, administrative and disbursement fees associated with buying a cottage or home in Muskoka. Understanding these fees will help you budget more accurately. Remember these are additional costs over and above the price of the home/cottage.
  • Let The Games Begin – Toronto Hosts the 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games

    Toronto is hosting the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games this summer and some of the traffic delays will affect your trip upto the cottage in Huntsville / Lake oF Bays. Below the article we have listed some of traffic delays you may run into on your way to Muskoka.
  • Home / Cottage Buyers’ Road Map Part 6 : Making an Offer

    After seeing many different homes and cottages around Muskoka, you have finally found one worthy of an offer! What are the next steps?
  • Get on your baggy pants, sit back and relax on your Lake Of Bays dock…

    When you buy a cottage in Lake Of Bays or Huntsville – you want to experience everything the area has to offer, and that includes finding unique cottage goods from our amazing local talents! Known for being the home of many talented artists, craftspeople, and other creative types, Muskoka has a wide variety of unique and interesting options to offer you and your lifestyle.
  • Nuit Blanche North – A Night In Huntsville Under The Stars

    An evening out in Huntsville like this is a night yu will remember. Life at your cottage in Lake Of Bays / Huntsville is not complete without taking part in Nuit Blanche North. This year Andrew Bulloch is proud to be the sponsor of the Town Docks Parkette.
  • Home / Cottage Buyers’ Road Map Part 5 : Finding a Home

    Finding your perfect home or cottage in Lake Of Bays and Muskoka can be a long process. Andrew Bulloch will help identify the right type of home for you and continually research new listings in neighbourhoods that meet your needs.
  • Home / Cottage Buyers’ Road Map Part 4 : Government Programs / Tax Credits

    First-Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit – a $5,000 non-refundable income tax credit on a qualifying home. The credit provides up to $750 in tax relief to assist first-time buyers with purchase costs. Home Buyers’ Plan – a one-time withdrawal up to $25,000 from a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) by first-time buyers to help purchase or build a home. Generally, you have […]
  • Home / Cottage Buyers’ Road Map Part 3 : Mortgage Default Insurance

    Mortgage default insurance enables you to purchase a home with a minimum down payment of 5% (10% for multi-unit dwellings) with interest rates comparable to those of a conventional mortgage.
  • Home / Cottage Buyers’ Road Map Part 2 : Consider Mortgage Options

    A mortgage is a loan, generally used to buy a property. How much you pay depends on how much you borrow (the principal), the loan’s interest rate, and how long you take to pay it back (the amortization period).
  • Home / Cottage Buyers’ Road Map Part 1 : Assess Financial Readiness

    Assess your present household budget and your annual income to determine if you are eligible for a mortgage and how much you can comfortably afford.
  • Northern Muskoka Exposure: Insuring Cottage Properties

    In real life, very few dreams live up to the advance billing. The experience of enjoying your own Muskoka cottage, however, can be the exception to the rule. In Muskoka, in Lake Of Bays, in the Kawarthas, further west or north among the lakes, wherever your home-away-from-home is found, it often becomes a refuge of value far beyond any details in a real estate listing.
  • Canada Day in Muskoka, Eh!

    Here’s a roundup of all that’s going on in Muskoka / Lake Of Bays on Canada Day, take a cruise on the boat from your luxury waterfront cottage in Muskoka and enjoy the festivities!
  • Preparing Your Muskoka / Lake Of Bays Cottage To Sell

    In Muskoka real estate where there are often more sellers than buyers, it’s only common sense to prepare your cottage to look its very best, giving you an edge over a market full of prime cottage spots in Muskoka / Lake Of Bays.
  • Renting The Cottage: A Few Bright Ideas

    You may be burning out bulbs and paying more for electricity then you should due to incorrect bulbs being used and cottage renters are less concerned about saving you energy. I know it seems easier to just go to any store and pick up some cheap bulbs, but in the long run, you are losing money doing this.
  • Muskoka Is The New Hamptons

    With Muskoka and Lake Of Bays scenic lakes and Canadian Shield it has become the luxury cottage destination for the elite.
  • Dating Cottages: Figuring Out How Old The Cottage Really Is?

    One of the most frequently asked questions by a cottage buyer is, “How can I determine the age of the cottage I would like to purchase?” Unfortunately, dating cottages is one of the more difficult tasks a homebuyer has.
  • Key Legal Considerations in Purchasing or Using Your Muskoka / Lake Of Bays Cottage Property

    The arrival of summertime means it is cottage season in Muskoka / Lake Of Bays. We can all imagine the picturesque Lake Of Bays. cottage with pristine water, crisp air, plenty of sunshine, surrounded by friends and family. Whether you own or dream of owning a cottage in Muskoka, it is important to understand the unique characteristics of owning rural properties.
  • When weather strikes in Muskoka – the lights go out.

    Are you prepared for blackouts? Due to increasing demand for energy, during the summer months we are more likely to experience black-outs, and we know in Muskoka / Lake Of Bays it’s pretty normal to lose power at your cottage. While most of these are for brief periods of time, there are times where it […]
  • Keep your Energy Costs Down – Save Your Cash for Muskoka Waterfront Toys.

    Keep your cool with energy costs – you want that luxury boat to cruise the lakes of Muskoka / Lake Of Bays. One way too have all the toys is to make sure your energy costs stay down. Heating and cooling your Muskoka / Lake Of Bays cottage accounts for about 60% of your energy costs! We have come up with some tips and tricks to help you keep your costs down so you don’t lose your cool.
  • Lighting For Your Home Or Cottage : Selecting The Best Colour Lamp

    Life on the waterfront in Muskoka / Lake Of Bays is all about the colours. Choosing the right view is just as important as choosing the right colour of light inside your Muskoka / Lake Of Bays luxury cottage. It’s all about the blub!
  • Lighting For Your Home Or Cottage : Bathroom Lighting

    As with any other room in a cottage or home in Muskoka / Lake Of Bays, it’s best to first determine where you need light, and how much light you will need in each area. Before changing or adding light fixtures, always determine where and what type of light is needed. Then look for fixtures […]
  • Choosing Art for your cottage

    Selecting Art For Your Lake Of Bays Cottage

    Everyone reading this has, in their lifetime, seen more visual imagery in films, photographs, books and magazines than all the generations before us combined. As a result, we are extraordinarily visually literate, but don’t give ourselves credit for it.
  • Did you know Muskoka / Lake Of Bays is home to a golden girl?

    Did you know Muskoka / Lake Of Bays is home to a golden girl? Its not always about the summer and boating. Muskoka / Lake Of Bays has some amazing winter activities. Buy close to Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area and you can meet our very own golden girl.
  • Luxury Cottages In Muskoka: Part 1 – It’s Not Just About Waterfront Toys

    Muskoka is known for its bigger then life cottages – breaches the concept of going to the ole’ cottage. These massive estates also bring forward the ultimate in comfort. No roughing it in Muskoka luxury waterfront cottages.
  • Muskoka History – “Little Norway”

    When thinking of Muskoka / Lake Of Bays very few people know that Muskoka has a very long history with Norway. Canadian and Norwegians fought side by side in war to defeat the Axis powers. The Muskoka Airport was used to train pilots at the time it was named “Little Norway”, read below about the history of this alliance.
  • Waterfalls in Muskoka

    Muskoka and Lake Of Bays known for its amazing waterfront properties also boasts many incredible waterfalls, obviously the water has to flow from somewhere!
  • Looking to buy or sell waterfront property in Lake Of Bays and Muskoka?

    Andrew Bulloch and his Real Estate team can provide local expertise and unparalleled marketing program to drive some of the largest real estate sales on the Lake Of Bays and Muskoka.
  • Green Roofs in Muskoka

    Taking Root – Green Roofs are Sprouting Up

    The building on Church Street looks different the first time you see it. Patches of pale green and wispy yellow grass rise from the roof where the tar should be. In stark contrast to the drab towers that define the downtown core, this roof stands out like lightning in a thunderstorm. Have radical environmentalists hijacked the roof in some form of bizarre protest?
  • Soak up the sun – go solar Muskoka!

    Wether you are building a new cottage or home in Lake Of Bays / Muskoka its in your best interest to look into self sufficient power systems. Solar is now one of the most popular routes – althought the price tag can be heavy.
  • Bigwin Island Lake Of Bays

    Bigwin Island on Lake of Bays

    Bigwin Island is the largest island on Lake of Bays, in the Muskoka District of Ontario, Canada. In 2001 it became the site of a major re-development, in the form of a private golf club and a planned community of family waterfront cottages and golf villas. It is the second development to be built on the island, and has regained its recognition as a world class vacation destination and is major economic contributor to the community.
  • muskoka chair

    Muskoka Chair vs Adirondack Chair – What’s the difference?

    The Adirondack chair known as the Muskoka chair in Canada is a chair made of wood used on porches, deck, docks or out on the old lawn. It was originally made with 11 flat boards, a straight back, seat and wide armrests.
  • Untouched landscapes and waterfront views in Lake of Bays

    The Township of Lake of Bays was established in 1971 from the former Townships of Franklin, Ridout, McLean and Sinclair/Finlayson (unorganized) as one of six area municipalities within the District of Muskoka.
  • A Natural Destination – Not Muskoka?

    It’s true many natural destinations lie close to Muskoka, and one you would not think of is Canada’s largest city – Toronto. Many of Muskoka / Lake Of Bays seasonal residents reside in Toronto the rest of the year. It’s no wonder they want to make a Muskoka / Lake Of Bays waterfront cottage home in the summer.
  • Muskoka / Lake Of Bays Events – Nuit Blanche North

    Nuit Blanche North is a free late-night art event where cutting-edge artists light up downtown Huntsville with radical art exhibits and eccentric performances.
  • Legal Matters: About Assignments

    An Assignment of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS) is commonly used by Purchasers of real property for a variety of reasons. In the GTA, assignments are frequently used in the condo sector, where individual(s) may purchase a property in the pre-construction stage.
  • Muskoka / Lake Of Bays Events – Huntsville Festival of the Arts

    Muskoka / Lake Of Bays is not only known for its beautiful waterfront cottages and natural landscapes the region puts on a variety of events from music, arts and sports of all kinds.
  • Harvey Kalles Real Estate hosts charity food truck lunch in support of Ronald McDonald House

    Giving back to the community has been a guiding principle at Harvey Kalles Real Estate since the company began in 1957. Today we actively support over 225 charitable organizations annually.
  • Title Insurance in Real Estate Transactions

    Whether you are purchasing a family home or an investment property, it is paramount that you acquire the property with “clear title”. The word “title” is a legal term that refers to one’s legal ownership of property. In real estate transactions, the lawyer is responsible for reviewing title and ensuring that there are no adverse claims to the property being purchased.
  • JUST ADD WATER (Recipe for building or renovating a cottage)

    Building or renovating your home or cottage need not be a stressful experience. Each step of the process should be as enjoyable as celebrating with friends and family at your cottage in Muskoka / Lake Of Bays as you admire the final product.
  • The Real Estate Market – A Decade In Review

    This week, TREB published its numbers for April and 2015 was one for the record books. With over 11,300 sales being reported last month, it was the busiest April in the history of the Toronto Real Estate Board. With so much interest in the market these days, we thought it would be fun to look back at how the GTA real estate market has evolved over the past decade and led up to this point in time.
  • Make your Home Green With Simple Lifestyle Changes

    To make a home green Target five areas for simple household conservation:use water wisely, find energy efficiencies, reduce waste, take transportation alternatives, and make environmentally responsible choices when you buy things.
  • Muskoka waterfront does not get better then this!

    You could spend a lifetime looking for a Muskoka / Lake of Bays location like this. This deep lot almost 990 ft creates the perfect buffer for extreme privacy even in Muskokas’ busy water traffic.
  • A CASE STUDY (Vino)

    Every luxury waterfront cottage in Lake of Bays and Muskoka should have a Spectacular Wine Cellar. From the magazine COLLECTIONS by Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage we explore the requirements for a perfect cottage wine cellar.
  • KNOW THE SCORE: Home Energy Scores – energy efficient home

    Buying or Selling a waterfront Cottage in Muskoka Lake of Bays it’s ideal to get a home energy audit. Buying, selling or renovating? Get your energy score first. We all know that the best way to save money on your energy bills is to use less energy. With an energy efficient home, the savings can […]
  • Art for Your Cottage Floor

    Today, we are entering the golden age of Oriental rugs. Never before have consumers been offered so many different styles to decorate the floor of your waterfront cottage in Muskoka / Lake Of Bays.
  • Exclusive in Lake of Bays – A lakefront masterpiece!

    Canadian lakefront masterpieces are becoming extremely hard to find. This gorgeous example will take your breath away. 10,500 sq foot true round log home with captivating and sweeping long lake views of Lake of Bays. Entirely hand built and completely custom from the hand made registers to the carved wooden murals and doors.
  • Kitchen Renovations: 5 things you need to know

    A cottage in Muskoka / Lake of Bays is centered around the kitchen – usually with the cottage packed with water dwellers they ascend on the kitchen in your cottage to feed after a long day playing. A kitchen renovation in your cottage is the most important step.
  • Smart Design – Better Space for Smaller Lots

    Often these homes are divided into disconnected small rooms with obstructed sightlines and small windows that greatly limit natural light. Almost without exception, they have faulty heating systems, poor or no cooling systems, and no insulation.
  • Tesla’s expected home battery announcement could spark energy revolution

    The man behind the electric car revolution is expected to unveil a large-scale battery capable of powering an entire house, during an announcement at Tesla Motors headquarters in Hawthorne, Calif.
  • Cottage Season Begins in 2.5 hours. Be on a dock this summer.

    Cottage Season Begins in 2.5 hours. Be on a dock this summer. Harvey Kalles Muskoka – Lake Of Bays has some amazing listings for your summer paradise!
  • Good things do not last!

    Good things do not last in Muskoka / Lake of Bays! Another SOLD by Andrew Bulloch.You will not believe this property. Perfect views and southern exposure is just the start.
  • Director’s Circle Award Winner

    Andrew Bulloch is pleased to announce his inclusion in the Harvey Kalles Director’s Circle Award Winners and Kalles’ Top Sales Achievement Award.
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